Wild Idol Rosé Wins IWSC Low & No Alcohol Award

Wild Idol Rosé being poored into glasses

Wild Idol’s Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé has been awarded a Silver Medal in the IWSC’s Low & No Awards 2022. The IWSC is the most respected global wine and spirits community and is the largest and most influential awards for low and no alcohol drinks.

The IWSC judging panel consists of experts and influencers from every sector of the drinks trade who highlighted the peach, tea, and overall fruit profile of Wild Idol Rosé, as well as its refreshing acidity and delicate flavours.

Paul Beavis, CEO of Wild Idol commented: “To be recognised by such an important and well- respected industry organisation in our first six months of trading is an incredible feat. Wild Idol has been exceptionally well received by the Sommelier community and by consumers who have previously been disappointed by the options available in the non alcoholic sparkling category. We have worked tirelessly to perfect the taste profile of Wild Idol to create an authentic alternative to fine wine and champagne – so we are delighted with this accolade from the IWSC.”

David T Smith, member of the IWSC’s Judging Committee commented: “There has been real progress made in the low alcohol space over the past couple of years. It is very clear that producers are putting some serious time, effort, and innovation into increasing quality.”

Wild Idol Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé being poured into glasses

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