Wild Conversations with Leo Bamford, Founder of My Baba

Leo Bamford

For this month’s edition of Wild Conversations, we meet Leo Bamford, lifestyle entrepreneur and founder of My Baba - the celebrated online forum for parenting and pregnancy advice.

Leo Bamford wearing a star covered coat

What inspired you to create My Baba?

It was really strange, when I started having my babies, there were very few places you could go to find cool new products or anything to help you with what you might need in those early days. It started as a blog and soon became filled with expert writers, talking about anything from breast feeding and doulas to prams and nurseries. So, the short answer is my babies inspired me.

How do you prioritise self-care in your own life, and what are some of your favourite wellness practices?

I’m crazy about yoga but rarely do it. My friend Rose does wellness days and I try to do at least two of them a year. I make sure I hit the gym a couple of times a week and love Pilates. Self-care is so important, and I think it’s good for the children to see you taking time out.

How do you balance your work and personal life, and what strategies do you use to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

I’m really rubbish at the work life balance but I would love to start leaving my phone after work so I can totally focus on family. There always seems to be an excuse to be glued to our phones and that’s not an example I love setting! We’ve just started playing chess with the kids and I love that instead of watching TV!

Glasses of Wild Idol non alcoholic sparkling rose on a table

What is something you wish you knew before your first pregnancy?

I wish I had done Marina Fogle’s Bump Class before my first. She had the most amazing woman who teaches how to breastfeed, and it was a real game changer. Marina was amazing and her book is brilliant.

What is your favourite way to enjoy Wild Idol’s alcohol free sparkling wine?

I like to have a glass of cold sparkling rosé on a Friday in the garden with friends. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a busy week.

What does conscious hedonism mean to you?

To live in the moment and enjoy the right now.

For more information visit www.mybaba.com

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