Wild Conversations: Nikki Tibbles, Founder of Wild at Heart Luxury Florist

Nikki Tibbles, Founder of Wild at Heart Luxury Florist

To celebrate our exciting new partnership with the prestigious luxury florist, Wild at Heart, we sit down with Founder Nikki Tibbles in the latest edition of Wild Conversations to chat about her newly unveiled Mayfair Townhouse and her top picks for floral gifts.

What inspired you to start Wild at Heart?

“I wanted to work in a creative environment, full of colour and texture. It was something I didn’t know anything about when I started, which I believe is an asset. For me, every day is different which is an absolute joy. I get to work with extraordinary people, at extraordinary venues, whilst focusing on nature, which is the most inspiring thing in my world.”

What's the most valuable floral artistry advice you've ever been given or come across?

“There are no rules.”

What’s the worst floral artistry advice you've ever been given or come across?

“Being told I need to know how to make a water lily out of a pair of white tights.”

Wild at Heart Wedding FlowersWild at Hear Flowers

What are your top 3 flower arranging tips?

  • “Buy flowers from a reputable florist - you get what you pay for.
  • Make sure you cut your flowers and give them a good drink of water before arranging them.
  • Always buy in season, ideally British!”

Do you have any vices or guilty pleasures?

“Harry Styles!”

Who is your most difficult person to buy a gift for?

“No one, because I will always give a gift of charity if someone has everything they need. It could be donating to a charity or buying a kennel for a dog that lives in the freezing cold.”

What is your favourite bouquet of flowers to give as a gift?

“Peonies, sweet peas, or garden roses, something quintessentially English, which perfectly reflects our brand.”

When did you last celebrate and pop a cork?

“At my best friend’s birthday last week.”

Wild at Heart Townhouse

Tell us about your new Wild at Heart Townhouse!

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed of, having a Wild at Heart Townhouse where we sell lots of wonderful things connected to the world of flowers. Whether it be floral scented candles, vases, ceramics, huge paper flowers, beautifully embroidered linen, all alongside things of beauty rich in colour and texture.

There will also be lots of classes, where you can learn something new - painting or drawing flowers, learning more about British growers, book launches about gardens and landscaping, candle making and so much more! We can’t wait to welcome you to our new home.”

Finally, what does conscious hedonism mean to you?

"Conscious Hedonism to me means joy without pain, not suffering for a moment of pleasure."

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You can now purchase WILD IDOL as an individual luxury gift on the Wild at Heart website or as part of a limited-edition bouquet package here. Follow Nikki on Instagram @nikkitibbleswildatheart

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