Wild Conversations: Sophie Rose-Harper, London’s latest must-know pilates instructor

Wild Conversations: Sophie Rose-Harper, London’s latest must-know pilates instructor

Introducing our Wild Conversations series, where Wild Idol interviews industry insiders about their passions and discovers what conscious hedonism means to them. This month we meet Sophie Rose-Harper, a  dynamic pilates instructor and West London’s best kept secret who went from a career in singing to pilates, and dabbles in DJ’ing when she’s not on the mat.

Sophie Rose-Harper doing pilates

Sophie Rose-Harper
Pilates Instructor, Nobu Pilates

How did you get involved in Pilates?

I was at a crossroads in my previous career, I’d been performing and writing music for over a decade and my future felt super uncertain. My anxiety was through the roof, so I started taking Pilates classes to get me out of my funk, I loved every part of the way it made me feel in my body and mind, this spurred me on to get learning. I then started my course shortly after in 2018.

What do you love about it?

Pilates makes me feel strong and in my body. I used to struggle with back pain and poor posture, I now stand taller and have no pain! It’s a journey so there’s always some way to go which keeps it interesting and stimulating. As an Instructor I love to see my clients progress and achieve the change they feel they need, whether it’s to gain strength or to recover from an injury, there’s so much Pilates can do for each individual and being a part of that is a great feeling.

How do you stick to your routine?

I ensure that I commit to the same time each week, I see an instructor that I like and who knows my body and all its ism’s. I have found my flow with Pilates, it’s my job but it’s also my passion so it isn’t all that challenging to commit to.

Sophie Rose-Harper doing pilates

How can somebody get started on their own Pilates journey at home?

Almost everyone teaches online now so I would start by finding your favourite instructor, connect with them to teach you one-to-one first, online or home visit.

Small tip: book your class at the same time each week, that way it becomes part of your routine.

Start with a beginner’s class even if you feel you’ve got this, it’s important to go back to the beginning, deepen your understanding then go from there! There’s nothing worse than feeling out of your depth, it makes it all too easy to give up.

What’s great about Pilates is that it is for everyone, there are always modifications to support you or level up to challenge you.

Here’s some great online platforms to get you started!

What does conscious hedonism mean to you?

I found a quote by Omar Khayyam who puts it perfectly;

Cultivating a sense of presence and appreciating and enjoying the here and now in the limited time we have on Earth - rather than indulging in excess or moderation.

Find Sophie at Nobu Pilates in Marylebone.

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