Wild Idol Alcohol-Free Summer Cocktails

Mixologist adding a flower petal to a cocktail using Wild Idol non alcoholic sparkling rose

Introducing Wild Idol’s alcohol free summer cocktails - a delicious selection of mixologist approved drinks crafted with Wild Idol Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé and the freshest summer ingredients. For special occasions, everyday moments, and sparkling refreshment on the hottest of days - it’s going to be a wild summer.

Wild Mimosa Cocktail

Wild Mimosa

The ideal addition for your brunch or afternoon tea, elevate your orange juice with a touch of sparkle and serve up a Wild Mimosa. Wild Idol Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé pairs perfectly with a fresh blood orange juice. Once you’ve had your mimosa wild, you’ll never go back. So simple, so delicious.

Method and ingredients:

Pour both ingredients into a wide-lipped tulip glass or champagne flute. Garnish with a discarded blood orange zest.


Rhubarb Sgroppino Cocktail


A classic showstopper with a twist, the Wild Idol version of an Italian sgroppino is perfect for making an impression on special occasions. This fragrant cooler is part drink, part pudding, for a sparkling cocktail guests are certain to remember. The vibrant colour and subtle sweetness is punctuated with grated lime zest for a touch of bitterness to cut through, leaving you wanting more - serve with a spoon or sip as the sorbet melts.

Method and ingredients:

Add rhubarb sorbet to a large, chilled cocktail coupe. Pour over the elderflower cordial and top with Wild Idol Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé. Garnish with grated lime zest and serve with a teaspoon.


The Wild One Cocktail

The Wild One

Are you a wild one? Then, this one is for you. For the enjoyment of everyday moments, because why not celebrate them! An alcohol free aperitif with a refreshing mix of sweet and bitter flavours, for sipping as the sun goes down (or any other time of day). Just top off with Wild Idol Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé and you’ve got yourself a delicious cocktail for pain-free partying or putting your feet up - you’re welcome.

Add all ingredients to a wine glass with cubed iced and top up with Wild Idol.

Glassware: Wine Glass

Garnish: Grapefruit Wedge


Two Kentish 75 Cocktails standing next to a bottle of A bottle of Wild Idol Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé Wine 

Kentish 75

For special occasions, the Kentish 75 is a sweet and sour fizz stirred and served tall. A truly delicious alternative to a Champagne cocktail.

Method and ingredients:

*2 parts acacia honey to 1-part warm water, stirred until fully incorporated.

Add all ingredients except Wild Idol Sparkling Rosé to a cocktail shaker. Shake with cubed ice and strain into a wide lipped tulip glass or champagne flute. Top with an extra dash of Wild Idol.


Two Summer Solstice Cocktails made with Wild Idol alcohol free sparkling wine

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is an alcohol free cocktail for everyday moments. A delicious combination of bitter and sweet that tastes like summer in a glass.

Method and ingredients:

Pour both ingredients into a wide-lipped tulip glass and garnish with a single raspberry.


Two Rosé Hugo Cocktails standing next to a bottle of Wild Idol Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé Wine

Rosé Hugo

For a booze-free brunch or afternoon tea, we introduce the Rosé Hugo - a refreshing hydrator that looks as impressive as it tastes.

Method and ingredients:

Squeeze lemon wedges into a chilled wine glass over cubed ice, add rose syrup and top with Wild Idol Sparkling Rosé. Stir briefly and garnish with rose petals.

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